Surplus german



      10 for $175.      Delivered

1 for $25.

Select-fire g-3 elbow spring and roller

​​  10 for $55.


Surplus german G-3 sight drums

  10 for $33.


Take-off german semi-auto triggers

 $25. each


HK stripped select-fire

bolt carriers $265. each

 PTR 7.62 x 39

                          7.62 x 51

                        7.100  long

  HK-51 .308 

4.100 long

Full-auto parts are for replacement 


or repair of registered weapons, 


All NFA rules apply, anyone may purchase,


 parts are as pictured

Surplus german safety/selectors 
for steel grip frames
For semi/full-auto

10 for $40.


​​Surplus german locking
Roller holders

10 for $35. delivered 

German Carriers Modified

              by Lee Tool


NEW Lee Tool manufacture copy of hk 21 ejector and new spring 

    HK .308 surplus           german ejectors

    Excellent condition

         10 for $57.


NEW wood, NEW recoil spring, NEW USA grip, NEW USA plastic buttplate

used metal-refinished, used buffer assembly


HK/PTR .308 wood furniture as new

SOLD delivered to the 50 states 

$85. delivered

4130 USA steel,stamped, machined, heat treated, blued 

will work in any 21

 notch in the trigger box may need to be opened up 

Lee Tool and Machine manufacture 

    HK Surplus german                    sears 


      Excellent condition
    10 for $68. delivered



Lee Tool &

Machine LLC

P.O. Box 17209

Chattanooga, TN



 since 1988

No ​sales to California 


New York



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  •         cash
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  •         money order 
  • ​​checks (held 10 days)
  • Minimum shipping $10.
  • (unless marked delivered)


No shipping outside

of 50 states (USA)


          HK .308 surplus

           german ejectors

         Excellent condition,

        WITH  new springs
       10 for $77. delivered