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 since 1988




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No shipping outside

of 50 states (USA)


Full-auto parts are for replacement 


or repair of registered weapons, 


All NFA rules apply, anyone may purchase,


 parts are as pictured

M-11 .380/9mm SMG selector's NEW 10 for $225. delivered

one selector $30. delivered

original NEW rpb M-11 9mm/.380 SMG selector's

M-10 .45 magwells 4 for $100. delivered to the 50 states

hese use the M-3/grease gun magazines

1/32 or .030 will need to be removed from the top of the mag catch, or the back of the magazine

   Trigger guards
   M-11 9mm
   M-11/M-12 .380

              $12. each

   M-11 9mm


early firing pin

  $15. each delivered

    Front sites $10. each

     M-10/M-11  (weld on upper)

Flats $22. each

​(M-10 sold out)
M-11 9mm

Sideplates, $32. pair
 M-11 9mm $32. pair
M-11 9mm 930(mini-nine)