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 since 1988




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of 50 states (USA)


Full-auto parts are for replacement 


or repair of registered weapons, 


All NFA rules apply, anyone may purchase,


 parts are as pictured

NEW 1928 Thompson buttstocks, four (4) for $55. delivered to any of the 50 states
no other Thompson wood available
stored open in wooden crates dated 1958
all dirty, need cleaning, appear to be walnut
image shows lemon oil changes appearance

excellent condition G.I. MK 19 adjustable site mount $250. delivered/50 states   

    GSG-5 german 22 lr barrell

              With trunnion

   Carbine barrell cut to 10 3/16”

             $55. delivered

    8-piece AK select-fire trigger
  parts set 
   As new, excellent condition,
       European Manufacture   rate reducer
$48. set delivered

     M-2 carbine select-fire hammer   Lee Tool and Machine Manufacture

      4140 USA toolsteel 

$20. delivered

10 for $175. delivered